Band Bio 

Robert Aumann – Bob started playing stringed instruments as a young lad. Other family members played piano. There was always music around the house. Bob would work out songs and harmonies with his brother Jim for whatever band he was playing in at the moment. By the time he got to college he was playing solo and duos in the bars and coffeehouses. Bob met Rick Hayes in 2011 and they have been creating music together ever since. 

Rick Hayes – Rick also grew up in a musical family. He started his musical career as a teenager in a funk rock band. He worked his way through rock, folk, and country and eventually landed on bluegrass, which was his father’s choice of music. He found himself playing mandolin with the Gibson Brothers on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. But touring is not good when you would like to create a family, so he came back to Cincinnati and set up a recording studio. But he still had the itch to play live. Rick put together a new band – The Nightflyer Band. A blend of traditional and contemporary bluegrass sound. 

Bob Kennedy – Bob has been part of the Cincinnati music scene since the early 70’s. He has played in several of the city’s most popular bands. He and Rick have been friends for a long time. Bob has played on everyone of the Robert Aumann Band albums. He is still an active musician playing in multiple bands. 

Courtney Reeves – Courtney has spent her whole life singing. Mostly in choirs and other coral groups. She can still be found singing and playing the ukulele. We are happy that she shared her talents with us for our first album – Quiet Edge of Town.   

Jim Aumann – Jim is Bob’s brother. They have been singing and playing together forever. Jim has been in various bands over the years. In the early 70’s his band Jade created an album called ‘Faces of Jade’ that is still floating about the internet. He is also a song writer. He sang harmony and provided a couple of songs on Quiet Edge of Town. 

Maria Carrelli – Maria is a Cincinnati Lady but has spent her share of time traveling around the country playing and singing at coffeehouses and universities. She has joined our band for three of our albums – Patchwork, the fabric of life, Love and Memories and The Theory of Games. 

Steve Hogsed – Steve is another musician who has put in his time playing coffeehouses and bars in and around the area. Most of his time has been as a solo act, but spent plenty of time singing with others. We are glad he was able to join us.  Steve sings on three albums  – Patchwork, the fabric of life, Love and Memories and Find the Spirit. 

Irl Hees – Irl is one of Nashville’s favorite sons and a friend of Rick Hayes. Irl happen to be coming to Cincinnati at a time when we wanted to add button box concertina to one of our songs. While Irl is known for his talents on the stand-up bass, he is also highly skilled on the squeeze box. You can hear him on  Patchwork, the fabric of life.   

 Deb Ohlinger – Deb is an active singer songwriter and can be found playing in a number of bars and restaurants in the area. She has worked and recorded with Rick for several years. Deb joins the band for two of our albums - Love and Memories and Find the Spirit. 

Lucy Teller – Lucy is a talented musician who happen to home in Cincinnati for the summer when we were looking for another female voice. Lucy was just what we were looking for. You can hear her on Love and Memories. 

Jeff Gaither – (not jeff Bullock as stated in the liner notes. Sorry Jeff) Jeff is a singer and guitar player who works with Rick and was in the right spot at the right time. He joins us on Love and Memories. 

Ashley Ratajczak – Ashley is a local singer who was around when we were recording Find the Spirit. Her voice was just what we needed. 

Fran Tesorero – Fran and Bob have been playing on and off  together since the early 2000’s. We have played coffeehouses, bars, churches and senior centers. Lately Rick has joined us on bass. Fran sings some harmony on Find the Spirit. 

Hillary Crippen – Hillary is a singer songwriter. Her background is in bluegrass. She was recording her own album when we started working on The Theory of Games. We thought her voice and energy would be right for the songs we had in mind. Her thought it would be fun to try Americana and rock songs. It produced great results. 

Tim Crouch – Tim is Nashville’s Primo Fiddler. When we discussed having fiddle on a couple songs, Rick said “I know the man for the job” He called Tim. Tim said yes. You can hear his talents on The Theory of Games.